Welcome to omnisolver-pt documentation!#

The omnisolver-bruteforce is Omnisolver plugin implementing the bruteforce (a.k.a exhaustive search) algorithm.


Currently, the omnisolver-bruteforce package requires working CUDA installation.

To install the plugin first set the CUDAHOME environmental library to your CUDA instalaltion location, e.g.:

# Rmember, your actual location  may vary!
export CUDAHOME=/usr/local/cuda

and then run:

pip install omnisolver-bruteforce

Warning If you don’t set the CUDAHOME directory, an attempt will be made to deduce it based on the location of your nvcc compiler. However, this process might not work in all the cases and should not be relied on.

Command line usage#

usage: omnisolver bruteforce-gpu [-h] [--output OUTPUT] [--vartype {SPIN,BINARY}] [--num_states NUM_STATES] [--suffix_size SUFFIX_SIZE] [--grid_size GRID_SIZE]
                                 [--block_size BLOCK_SIZE] [--dtype {float,double}]

Bruteforce (a.k.a exhaustive search) sampler using CUA-enabled GPU

positional arguments:
  input                 Path of the input BQM file in COO format. If not specified, stdin is used.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --output OUTPUT       Path of the output file. If not specified, stdout is used.
  --vartype {SPIN,BINARY}
                        Variable type
  --num_states NUM_STATES